Follow one of the three routes to Kiyindi landing site, From Kiyindi board a ferry to Buvuma!


Pass through Lugazi to Buikwe then to Najja trading center and cross the tarmac that comes from Kisoga Wantoni then go to Kiyindi landing site.

Mukono Wantoni

Go to Mukono Wantoni, then follow Kisoga road the bypass to Jinja bridge, branch off at Najja that’s where the road is that goes to Kiyindi Landing site.

Jinja Bridge

If you are coming from Jinja use the tarmac that goes to Kisoga through Buikwe, at the Junction of Najja trading center drive to Kiyindi landing site.

In Kiyindi  board a ferry (which is a government mobile bridge, it is very strong and safe, all metallic with big engines and carries vehicles) to Kilongo landing site and drive to Kalyandere, after Kitamiiro, branch on your right. Move through the mini forest, as you follow the signposts straight to Buvuma Island Beach Hotel.